Exactly 7 years ago today, I was on that #Birthright game. That trip remains the ten best consecutive days of my life.

תשליך (at Lake Chabot Marina)

Learning some hand signals today. Pablo is the first pup to do it almost every time without treats. #whatupdog #dogtraining (at San Leandro Marina Community Center)

In my hood, you can sometimes spot the tumbleweave. #majesticghettolandscapes

To shut off my alarm in the morning, I have to walk to my bathroom and scan this QR Code. Then I’m hit with in the face with #motvation.

New #tzedakah boxes arrived today. #JNF #bluebox #pushke

On the way home, second 14 hour day in a row. Shining because I’m steady griding. #alwayson (at Google Campus)

Straight chillin with Rufus the office dog. (at Google Campus)

Dinner tonight at the office: macadamia nut crusted pangasius with mango salsa, blistered green beans with garlic nardello peppers, and a tossed field greens salad with papaya, cashews and toasted coconut. (at Google Campus)

Boss walking out of the dope as fuck #airstream.