New #tzedakah boxes arrived today. #JNF #bluebox #pushke

On the way home, second 14 hour day in a row. Shining because I’m steady griding. #alwayson (at Google Campus)

Straight chillin with Rufus the office dog. (at Google Campus)

Dinner tonight at the office: macadamia nut crusted pangasius with mango salsa, blistered green beans with garlic nardello peppers, and a tossed field greens salad with papaya, cashews and toasted coconut. (at Google Campus)

Boss walking out of the dope as fuck #airstream.

Inside a dope as fuck #airstream

Commuting in luxury today! #GBus #Google #Coach #Bayfair (at Bayfair Mall)

YouTube, now in RZA-Color! (at YouTube HQ)

Getting all set up with the new gig at #Google =D (at Google Campus)

What up Ma!